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  • Miss Rose Curling and Lengthening Mascara

    Description: The Volume Maximizing Brush thickens lashes evenly and smoothly, leaving them soft with virtually no flakes for a full and dramatic look. Let your eyes do all the talking

    • MISS ROSE Mascara is uniquely formulated to separate and build lashes up to 5x their natural thickness.
    • Volume Maximizing Brush captures and thickens each lash evenly and smoothly, leaving lashes soft with virtually no flakes, no smudges, and no clumps.
    • Formulated to protect and condition lashes, while being clump-resistant. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
    • Easy to remove with soap and water and suitable for use with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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  • Bob Super Curl Electric Eye 3D Mascara


    • Brand:BOB
    • Color: Black
    • Benefit: Easy to apply, Curling, Thick waterproof

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